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About Us and Disclaimer

Hello -and, thanks for visiting.  My name is Dave.  As a condition of employment, since 1992, I’ve been enduring random drug tests.  As a contractor who bounced around quite a bit, I was also subjected to pre-employment urine drug screenings.

It became too nerve wracking for me so I quit the recreational use that made me such a mellow fellow.  It was a classic cost-benefit decision not to smoke pot anymore -beginning that year.  It was a no-brainer for me.  I simply could not afford to mess up.Drug Test Tips: Dave Jerczak


That is, of course, the official version; the one I use at the meetings I’m sent to as part of the Employee Assistance Program (EAP).  Those are the folks who go to bat for me so I can keep my job and continue to chase the elusive American Dream.  Sometimes I think if I wasn’t so good at my trade, I’d have been a faint memory around here a long time ago.

I’ve been acquainted with people and had many friends who decided to roll the dice and take their chances, as I have.  Over the years, I’ve witnessed an occasional stumble by some really good people and helped them through the subsequent hot water they found themselves in when they failed to test clean.  Sometimes they were called upon to help me.

This website was set-up to provide useful information to people like the good people I’ve known who use certain substances for their personal enjoyment and/or,  have been prescribed medicinal marijuana.  

To pass along what I have learned is my small contribution to the younger set coming up behind me.  I feel like I owe it to someone.

Position Statement does not endorse the illicit use of drugs, especially in the workplace.  If the image of me on this page suggests that I just came back in from behind the dumpster, it is a wild coincidence.

In this day and age, safety in the workplace is of the utmost importance.  Drug Test Tips .com believes everyone should show up at work ‘fit for duty’ for their own personal safety, for the safety of co-workers and the greater safety of the public at large.

Companies across the U.S. have been implementing “Fit-for-Duty‘ policies to screen for controlled substances since the late ’80s.  People are now routinely subjected to random urine drug screenings, as well as, pre-employment drugs and alcohol tests. Some are subjected to court ordered screenings, as one of the terms of probation.

At one time, it was not difficult to interfere with the test in order to get a favorable result. Today, the laboritories have become more adept at detecting when some evasive measure has been utilized.

Users have become resourceful in discovering ways to elude detection. None of them are perfect. There are always risks of detection.

The wisdom of placing oneself in such a predicament is a topic worth discussing but will not be discussed here. harbors certain opinions on the topic but is not qualified to comment in any meaningful way, however, and will refrain from further mention of it.

You will find information on this site about certain testing procedures, some common ways people attempt to elude detection, and other useful information. does not guarantee the accuracy of any statement found here, although every effort has been made to ferret out the latest information available on the topic.

The only sure bet is abstinence.

If that is not an option for you, you have then, in effect, bought the ticket and now must take the ride.

We here at DrugTestTips will try and keep you armed with the latest information on the topic.


Information found on the pages of is provided for your information only and does not in any way constitute legal, technical or, medical advice.

The drug testing and related information found here is not intended as substitute for procuring legal advice from an attorney, or a relevant medical, technical or financial professional. is not a law firm, legal agency or laboratory; and cannot guarantee the accuracy of this content.

Any discussion of Drug testing laws are collected from external legal and/or state resources, or some media outlet. The information may be outdated or may not be valid by the time you read it. Any views or opinions expressed are those of

If you have found any of this information to be useful, please ‘Share’ it, and/or ‘Like’ it so others can find it too.  Social buttons found on each page.  Thank you for spending some time here.

6 Responses to “About Us and Disclaimer”

  1. David Jerczak says:

    Anna –

    I don’t see many options for you in this situation, unfortunately.

    Unless there is something about the testing procedure you can contest
    -and perhaps re-test, I don’t have a good suggestion.

    Dave J

  2. Anna says:

    hi, had a question. wondering if you can help? 2 day ago took a dipstick drug test and did not pass. I had taken ready clean as have done in the passed. It has always worked for me before so not sure what happened this time. I followed directions as always. My probation officer asked if I had smoked and I said no. That perhaps it could be second hand smoke. She said, she would send to the lab and test for levels…. So my question to you is can I still pass? Is there a probability that they will only find traces of it? Also what could have gone wrong this time? I have used many times before the same exact product and had no problem. Also any suggestions on how to contest it? There is a lot riding on the line on this. Could really use any advice you have on this. As for the future I have chosen not to risk any more but i’m still in a bind now.


  3. David Jerczak says:

    Justin –

    The charts I see on the Internet indicate the detection period is a few days -there are
    variables which could extend the detection period to 10 days, although that likely is
    for chronic users. There is no sure way to tell, rendering it a roll of the dice.

    Good luck to you.

    Dave J

  4. justin kent says:

    I did a small amount of cocaine over the weekend and have a swab test in a week on a monday will I be able to pass the swab test???

  5. David Jerczak says:

    Here’s the website, Teresa –
    There is a ‘live’ link in the Hair Follicle article, above.

    Dave J

  6. teresa abrantes says:

    Could you please send me some moreinfo about your 1997 study in spain about hair drug tests? In Portugal it doesnt getdone..I am a psychologist and have drug addicts as patients.
    Thank you
    Best regards
    Teresa Abrantes

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