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Can I Smoke Hydrocodone on the Weekends and be Clean soon After?

If you choose to smoke Hydrocodone rather than to take the pills, you will discover it gives you a more intense high. This is why people often vaporize it and use it in a freebase state. It is still a form of opium though and can show up on drug screenings.

The issue with using Hydrocodone in any format is the body will quickly build up a tolerance for it and an addiction to it. This means you will need more and more of it to get the same high as you did before. There is a detection window and that is the amount of time where it can be positively identified in a drug test.

The detection window for hydrocodone with a saliva test is up to 36 hours. The substance will show up in urine between 2 an 4 days.  The hair test will detect usage up to 3 month later.

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