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Can (Stomach) Acid Reducer cause a False Positive in a Drug Screen?

It is possible for certain ingredients in stomach acid reducers to cause a false positive in a drug screen. If you take such products, you don’t have to cut them out. In fact, you don’t want to because they can be helping you to keep an array of symptoms and health concerns under control. If you are asked to complete a drug screen, make sure you fully disclose any medications you take – both over the counter and prescription.


If you fail a urine test, don’t be alarmed. They will come back to you with those results. You can then ask them if they will consider a blood test or even a hair follicle test to give you another opportunity to verify that false positive. Just about every employer or other entity is going to give you that chance. They already know there is a chance of false positives occurring. They aren’t going on a witch hunt with drug screenings, they want to help with confirming or discrediting the test results as much as you do.


Ranitidine is a common ingredient found in stomach acid reducers. It is believed this is what shows up on a drug screen and gives a positive outcome when one shouldn’t be there. It can often show up as a positive result of using meth! The use of Protonix is common to reduce stomach acid in those suffering from GERD. It can provide a false positive on a drug test as positive for THC – which is what is found in marijuana.

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