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Drug Testing Racing Greyhounds
Preventing owners from giving their greyhounds drugs as a form of cheating can be hard to prove. They can give them the drugs early enough that they are out of the system before actual race testing takes place. Such practices are very creative and they are well hidden which puts the entire sport in the spotlight as being questionable. Kennel Visits Thanks to the advances in hair follicle drug [...]
Hair Follicle Drug Test Leads to Child Abuse Charges
When we think about someone using meth, we tend to think of an adult or perhaps a teenager. However, there have been some reported incidents where it was actually a young child involved. A hair follicle drug test is an effective way to find out one way or the other. It can also provide information about how long the use has been going on based on the growth of the hair follicles. Such testing is simple [...]
Pass a Drug Test to keep Welfare Benefits?
It is no secret that many states are working on mandating drug testing for welfare recipients. The consensus is that if a person has to pass a drug test at their job to make money, those that get it for free should have to pass them too. Learning how to pass a drug test then is very important! Otherwise they could lose their benefits. Drug Testing on the Horizon in Georgia? Georgia is just one [...]
Drug Testing Welfare Recipients – Pros and Cons
The Pros and Cons of Drug Tests for Welfare Recipients There is quite a bit of controversy out there relating to drug tests for welfare recipients. Understanding both the pros and the cons of it means that there is no black and white answer when it comes to the best solution. Some states have had these programs in place and they suffered greatly trying to implement them. Others are still considering [...]
Florida Drug Testing of Students
From the Orlando (Florida) Sentinel, May, 2013 Florida Drug Testing of Students Debated This highlights the arguments surrounding a drug testing policy at the Lake Highland Prep School (a private school) and the view taken by the newspaper’s editorial staff. Two people, one a law professor in Chicago, and a mother named Debbie Moak, presented differing ideas around the debate about drug [...]
PA Court Upholds Random Drug Tests
PA Court Upholds Ruling for Random Drug Testing In Pennsylvania, the use of random drug testing hasn’t been deemed to violate any of the laws for the ADA (Americans with Disabilities Act). The United States District Court in PA upheld such a ruling for random drug testing to take place on new employees that are still in their probationary period. The EEOC claims that this is a violation of a person’s [...]
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