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Does Steroid use Show up in Hair Follicle tests?
The use of steroids may be due to a medical concern or a desire to reduce fat and increase muscle. Some people worry that steroid use will be detected by various forms of drug testing. Steroids can show up in a blood or urine test.  However, these forms of testing usually are reserved for opiates, amphetamines, PCP, cocaine, or THC. This is known as a typical SAMSHA-5 Test which is the Substance [...]
Can (Stomach) Acid Reducer cause a False Positive in a Drug Screen?
It is possible for certain ingredients in stomach acid reducers to cause a false positive in a drug screen. If you take such products, you don’t have to cut them out. In fact, you don’t want to because they can be helping you to keep an array of symptoms and health concerns under control. If you are asked to complete a drug screen, make sure you fully disclose any medications you take – both [...]
Can the Herbal Tea Corydalis Adversely Affect a Drug Test?
The herbal tea known as Corydalis is often promoted as a great way to feel better and to reduce various symptoms with health issues. It has even been promoted on the Dr. Oz show as an alternative to harsh medications and the side effects that come with them. Corydalis isn’t going to show up on a drug test. It can be used to help reduce mental health concerns, improve depression, and to lower [...]
Can I Smoke Hydrocodone on the Weekends and be Clean soon After?
If you choose to smoke Hydrocodone rather than to take the pills, you will discover it gives you a more intense high. This is why people often vaporize it and use it in a freebase state. It is still a form of opium though and can show up on drug screenings. The issue with using Hydrocodone in any format is the body will quickly build up a tolerance for it and an addiction to it. This means you will [...]
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