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Total Detox Friend

This page was last updated on 22nd of September 2017

If you’ve been poking around the Internet looking for a way to sway the odds in your favor for the next time they pop a drug screening on you –you know there is no shortage of information about it. There is no shortage of products out there that would have you believe you can pass a drug test without worry or concern.

When I began publishing content to this website –and exploring some of the subject matter, I was of the opinion that there is no 100% sure method (other than abstinence and the passage of time) to pass a drug test if you’ve been using.

: How to Pass a Drug TestThis pertains especially to marijuana, which takes the longest to flush out.

I still think there are instances where the odds might be a little sketchy.

Total Detox Friend
Total Detox Friend is a program that has been around for a few years and has purportedly assisted thousands of people get by a urine drug test.

It is a simple concept consisting of two lists –one, of items you need to get your hands on –common things found in any super market. The other part of it is a list of instructions to be accomplished by you on the morning of your urine screening.

The Total Detox Friend program ranks very high among those type products that claim to put up a shield of protection for anyone who can follow instructions.


If the odds of success are a little sketchy, as I touched upon above, one reason they are (if they are at all) can be found by reading between the lines in the paragraph above this one. The key phrase there is,…for anyone who can follow instructions.”


In talking to the author of the Total Detox Friend about some of these variables, I found the reason why some people fail urine tests, even with the use of the Total Detox Friend, is that they do not closely follow the instructions.

The Upside of Total Detox Friend

Those that pay the modest price for the program have the distinct advantage of having access to a real person to speak to -to take care of any questions or concerns that may arise about the procedure. Because some people are not as well equipped to read and understand instructions, the company stands ready to assist where needed. 
A telephone number and email address are provided for this purpose. It is found on the sales page, prominently displayed in the upper right hand corner.
To my way of thinking, the access to a knowledgeable support person is worth the price of the program. But of course, you’re paying for the specialized knowledge and expertise contained in the content of the procedure, as well.

The Downside of Total Detox Friend
If I have to write about a downside, it’s this: As with most sales pages, there is an ample amount of hyperbole to be found there.

I, for one, have little tolerance for it. Having said that, I realize it’s a pretty normal part of marketing these days. Even so, I usually go the other way or skip to the next product in line. 

In this case, I held my nose and I took the time to read and understand what the author was trying to put across and it sounded like it was a couple notches above other products I’d seen.

The main difference being –it’s not an ebook. It’s not just a bunch of information that after you buy it –you’re on your own.

It is the inclusion of counseling, if needed, and the specialized knowledge that separates the ‘Total Detox Friend‘ from the crowd.

That Sounds Like ME!

As with most products, this product will never appeal to everyone. That’s why they make so many different brands and types of beer and toothpaste. Everyone is different.

The Total Detox Friend sales page could have dispensed with some, if not all of the hype, if it described who this product is best suited for. Like this:

The Total Detox Friend Program is for People Who …

• Can’t afford to fail a drug test for fear of losing their income
• Got through the job interview and the drug test is the only obstacle left
• Have a spouse who will kill them if they get tagged for a failed drug screen
• Have been through the EAP at work; can’t fail another urine test or will lose their job

• Can’t bear the thought of the embarrassment a failed drug test will cause at work.
• Are on probation and don’t want to go back into custody.
• Stand to lose custody of their kids if they blow a urine test
• Have seen or even used detox methods that seem downright dangerous and are looking for something that isn’t

• Don’t think they want to mess around with synthetic urine
• Don’t think they can manipulate the test sample effectively without getting caught.
• Tried substituting someone else’s urine and got caught.

• Made the conscious decision to use recreational drugs regardless of random drug tests and consider the process of detoxing a routine exercise.
• Will be glad when they come up with a test to measure impairment in real time so they won’t have to go through this charade anymore.

If you have you found yourself immersed in a high stakes, crucial situation where failing a drug test is not an option, get this product / program and speak to them to make sure you get it right the first time.

Click Here to Learn More about ‘Total Detox Friend’
How to Pass a Urine Drug Test

Trust Seals Horiz

Considering what’s included and, for what’s at stake, the price is very modest. If you purchase the program and don’t think it’s for you after all, there is a 60 day refund arrangement in place from the seller.

There is not much to lose and much to gain.

Thanks for visiting.
Dave Jerczak

4 Responses to “Total Detox Friend”

  1. David Jerczak says:

    I’m guessing that by now you’re sample came back ‘inconclusive’ if not outright ‘Fail.’ These labs today are pretty adept at identifying foreign substances in the sample or detecting tampering of the sample.

    Dave J

  2. Plin says:

    I recently had a no notice piss test. I freaked out and put tide under my fingernails and put it in the sample cup before peeing and also shook it up. Will they still be able to test the sample?

  3. David Jerczak says:

    Howard –

    I have also gotten voicemail there. I’ve been assured that if I’m persistant, I’ll get through.

    Best time to call is the morning. By noon, the lines are getting busy -right through to about 8PM
    (eastern U.S. or, New York time zone), when it starts to slack off a little.

    Keep trying and I’m sure you will succeed in getting through.
    Thanks for the note.

    Dave J

  4. H. Norton says:

    Hi –
    I’ve taken in what you’ve written here and I think it might make good sense to try something like the Drugtest Friend. I wonder if they have adequate telephone support.

    I tried calling and got the voice mail. What’s up with that?


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