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Drug Testing Racing Greyhounds

Preventing owners from giving their greyhounds drugs as a form of cheating can be hard to prove. They can give them the drugs early enough that they are out of the system before actual race testing takes place. Such practices are very creative and they are well hidden which puts the entire sport in the spotlight as being questionable.

Kennel Visits

Thanks to the advances in hair follicle drug test options, that may be about to change. There may be kennel visits on the horizon as a way to curb drug cheating in the greyhound racing circuit. Currently, testing can be done outside of the actual competition. If these new laws are passed, then the testing can be done on hair follicles during random visits to the actual kennels.


The plan of action for such testing is for flash sampling to occur. This involves several officials going to a given location and an umbrella of testing taking place there. Under Rule 174, hair follicle testing is a quality means of identifying if there are any illegal substances in the body of any of the greyhounds at that site.


Many of the experts believe these kennel hair follicle testing options will help with regulating the sport. They hope that the idea will help to reduce the number of owners that risk giving their greyhounds drugs to enhance their performance. With a hair follicle sample, the traces of the drugs can linger for a very long time.

Owner’s Take

Most of the owner’s that have been approached about such testing at the kennels are all for it. They feel that they have nothing to hide. They believe it will help to give this dog racing sport the credibility that has been tainted for far too long. They seem to like the fact that testing won’t be predictable. They believe that is what gives owners the opportunity to cheat.


Of course this type of random testing in the sport is only going to be successful if there are harsh penalties and consequences when dogs are found to test positive. Disqualifying the dogs for a period of time and fines are on the table for what will be implemented.


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