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Will I Pass a Drug Test in 1 Week

Short answer is: Maybe.  It depends upon what we’re talking about.  If it’s weed, if the right steps are taken, in the right sequence and with the proper timing -there’s a good chance (many do have success).  Other controlled substances have a shorter detection period than weed and your chances of passing are greater without as much fuss.  (For detection times table, go to near the bottom of this page.)

The process of detoxing to pass drug test involves using a substance that will reduce or remove the traces of the drugs from your body. There are quite a few items that people use including, but not limited to, niacin, bleach, aspirin, vinegar, and eye drops.

Note: Updated on 24th of September 2017

The idea is that these substances can mask the drug residue that remains in your system so that you don’t get a positive drug test.
Will I Pass a Drug Test in 1 Week | Drug Test Passed
The problem though, is that these products can be dangerous to use. You can find lots of information about them online. You can find people that state they got results from them.

High Stakes
If you are in a desperate situation where you must pass the drug test, you may be tempted to try anything. The risk factors vary based on how much of these substances you use, how often, and even your body chemistry. Therefore, what worked for someone may not work for you the same way.

The Risk
These substances can create some serious health problems for you if you aren’t careful with them. That is a huge risk to take, as you don’t really know the long term effects it will have for your health.

If you are here seeking a remedy that can reliably squeeze you through the process, perhaps because you don’t have time to detox naturally, take a look at another page on this website that describes your best bet at this point: I Can’t Afford to Test Positive.  It describes a procedure that does not require harsh or dangerous substances.

Sophisticated Lab Work
Drug tests have becoming highly sophisticated. Not only are they now able to identify if there are traces of controlled substances in the body, but they can identify them.  If a substance is used to mask or destroy the traces of, for example, for a marijuana detox, the masking agent can be identified.

In this case you might dodge the marijuana tag, but your drug test will be considered inconclusive and deemed positive because of the presence of the masking agent. 

Modern laboratory testing is able to detect if you have been trying to manipulate the results, as with diluting the urine sample.  The evidence shows up in the form of such factors as pH balance, for example. If you ingest a bunch of vinegar, your natural levels of certain substances will be too low. This is an indicator to the testing lab that you may have something to hide. Most of the time, they will view such a test as a failure. If you contest, then they may subject you to a re-test.

The Re-Test May Not Be What You Had In Mind
The re-test may be more sophisticated than the first screening. For example, you may be taking a urine test the first time. The second test may be conducted using a DNA sample with a saliva swab on the inside of your cheek.  Or, a hair strand sample that will show what drugs have been used and even how long ago.

With such technology working against you, detoxing to pass a drug test using certain common substances may not be a good idea. There are options and kits you can purchase online if you think you need such assistance.  

Routines like the one described as Total Detox Friend use readily available substances in a certain procedure which, if followed to the letter, has been successful.  The best part about the plan is it won’t screw up your insides.

Many other available kits use substances like creatinine or niacin to mask the controlled substance.  The optimum long-term goal, it seems, is to find something new that the labs are not set-up to detect.  If you find one, we here at would like to know about it.  Please leave us a comment below.

Other Factors to Consider

Whether or not you can find success depends upon whether you use occasionally (maybe three times per week, or chronically (everyday). It also depends upon your metabolism, your weight and some other things.

It must be noted that there is no remedy available anywhere that is 100% foolproof. Risk of detection is always present. Nothing works better to alleviate risk like the passage of time.

Don’t Do Bleach
Give the health risks some serious consideration before ingesting bleach. Some have not lived to tell about it. Too much vinegar takes its toll, as well.  The real downside is subjecting your body to the bleach or vinegar only to fail the test because it was detected.  

For a more common sense, benign approach check out the  Total Detox Friend protocol.  It is something you can use ‘the morning of’ your screening.

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17 Responses to “Will I Pass a Drug Test in 1 Week”

  1. David Jerczak says:

    It’s tough to predict the outcome, Adaya.
    You might be dancing a little close to the edge.

    I always recommend to err on the side of caution and check out the ‘Total Detox Friend’ Formerly called ‘Drug Test Friend.’

    There are a couple of links to more information about it on our homepage.

    Good luck with that screening. And, thanks for visiting.

    Dave J
    It is generally regarded as reliable.

  2. Adaya says:

    i smoked twice this week & I have 1 week & I have to take a urine test, I am 5’2 & approximately 130, will I be okay?

  3. David Jerczak says:

    Hey John –

    I have written in these pages about the extent to which massive hydration will not help. It raises flags in the lab.

    Your best hope, to my knowledge is to mask it. You also need to mask the fact that you’re masking it.

    It’s a tangled web we weave, eh? I would encourage you to read the home page of this site and any other articles that arouse any interest and consider availing yourself of the ‘Total Detox Friend.’

    Thanks for visiting us here.

    Dave J

    Whether you need it or not boils down to whether you are emotionally attached to the outcome of the screening.

  4. John doe says:

    I have one week to detox. I’m 22, 6ft tall, 145lbs. I’ve always had a high metabolism and have been the skinny one among everyone I’ve ever known. I have a very important test one week maybe a little more but I was wondering with high hydration and working out will I have a shot of passing? What else can I add to my diet to help?

  5. David Jerczak says:

    Hey Vic –

    Thanks for visiting. I look at the calendar and see you have a good
    2 weeks to clean up. Try a home test kit in about 1-1/2 weeks and
    see how you do.

    If there is any doubt, you might want to err on the side of caution and
    pick up a ‘Drug Test Friend’ procedure. It is considered reliable.

    Available here:

    Good luck with that.

    Dave J

  6. Vic says:

    Hey Dave, I have a drug test on the 9th of September. I am a daily smoker and have used for a very long time, I am also 5’6″ 145 lbs what would be the best advice you could give me to be able to pass the test?

  7. Antoine Dixon says:

    I have a drug test in 5 days for a state job. I was thinking of using a masking agent but im sure their tests are very detailed to detect things like that. Im 5 ’10 140lbs n the last time i smoked weed was 3 weeks ago. I have been on the treadmill and drinking losts of water n pissing like crazy. I have drug test n they still come up positive… any suggestions anyone??

  8. David Jerczak says:

    Hey Wilson –

    I think you’ll be OK. (Please don’t hold me to it).

    Sorry, but I need to add this: Disclaimer

    Everything I’ve read indicates chronic smokers retain it much longer.

    Unless you were in the chronic category before you let go 55 days
    ago, I wouldn’t think you’d retain it that long.

    If in doubt -in other words, if the stakes are high, try the Drug Test Friend –
    found on these pages.

    Thanks for the note -and good luck to you.

    Dave J

  9. Wilson A says:

    I have a drug test within the next few days. I’m 6’1 280lbs and the last time I smoked weed was 55 days ago on 4/20. Before that it must have been a month or so since the last time. Smoked. What are the odds of me passing? I work in a kitchen and sweat all the time plus I run every other day and drink alot of water.

  10. David Jerczak says:

    Nathan –
    Thanks for the note, Nathan. Good luck with whatever you decide to do.

    Dave J

  11. Nathan says:

    The field that I work in just doesn’t hire anymore and the competition for available jobs are hellish. I’m not about to lose my job doing nothing, so I’m gonna try whatever it takes to beat the drug test. I lose this job and I’ve got to start working at fast food chains and my life will never be the same if that happens. Once you go down it’s tough to go back up. It’s do or die for me, so I’ll do whatever it takes and leave the rest to god.

  12. David Jerczak says:

    Levi –

    There is something to be said about not having a failed drug test on your record.
    It’s an expensive way to go, though (speaking of lost wages).

    An alternative you might want to look at is HERE. I have heard good things about it.

    Dave J

  13. Levi says:

    With all the smoking that I do, I doubt that one week will be enough for me to pass the drug test. I’ve got 8 days until the test and I feel as though I need to accept that I’ll fail the test this time. If the tests are so sophisticated, is it even worth trying to game the system? I just don’t think so. I have mixed feelings about this, but I think it’ll be a waste of my time trying to cheat the test. I should probably quit my job before I get the test, then I can get clean and get a new job after a couple of months or something.

  14. David Jerczak says:

    Issac –

    You don’t mention whether you’re on probation or subject to testing at work.
    If you’re caught, there may be no point in denying it.

    If you’re at work, they may give you access to the EAP (Employee Assistance program).

    It’s a good deal, if you want to hang onto that job.

    Dave J

  15. Isaac says:

    Oh man… I guess I cornered myself with too little time in my hands to find another way out. I have no idea what I’m gonna do about the upcoming drug test.. I don’t know if I should cheat, fess up, or just take the test and see what happens. I guess the last choice means I’ll get caught anyways. I always do this.. make a mistake, just sit on it, and wait until the last minute. I don’t know man.. I really don’t know what to do…

  16. Dave Jerczak says:

    Thanks for the note, B. –

    Those random drug screens are the wild card. It is tough to plan for them because they are impossible to time.

    Faced with similar circumstances, I had to decide if I wanted my job or if I wanted to party.
    For me it was too nerve wracking. I realize it doesn’t bother everyone as it did me.

    Good luck with your counseling. Congratulations for not getting canned.

    Thanks again for the note.

    Dave J.

  17. B. Groat says:

    Hello there –

    I met a guy who told me if I ate enough nutmeg it would help me pass the drug test. It was the pot I was concerned with. I smoked about five days ago and got tagged with a simi-random screening.

    The nutmeg didn’t work. Don’t bother trying it.

    I wish I had found this site earlier. The results would have been the same, though. Now I am in counseling as a result. They decided to give me a second chance; which is surpriisng. I’m a security guard at a nuke plant. Usually there is zero tolerance. They must be getting soft.

    It worked out for me.

    Nice website. Thanks,

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